Lessons & Services

  • All Styles and Levels:  Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Country

  • Private 45 minute lessons

  • Tuesday through Sunday day and early evening sessions

  • Featuring a fully equipped Karaoke music studio, serving the Greater Lansing area

  • Develop your vocal skills with a professional and experienced singer

Healthy Voice Production

Focusing on breath support and control, vocalizing/warm-up techniques, specially tailored musical scales for range and tone enhancement.  Vocal exercises to develop more Control, Power, Range and Flexibility.

  • Eliminate the nasal sounds

  • Learn to sing on the breath and not on your throat

  • Learn to sing with one voice and segue easily from low range to high range without straining, cracking or abusing the vocal cords

  • Learn overall control of your unique vocal instrument

  • Proper breathing is essential to protect, support and power the voice. And diaphragmatic deep breathing also diminishes stress and anxiety.

Performance Coaching, Audition Preparation, Recording Techniques

Performance Coaching

  • Includes learning to work with a mic, addressing an audience, stage directions, body movement, and acting

  • General Performing Arts Skills

  • Song Work and selecting and developing a diverse repertoire

  • Learn to interpret lyrics, learn about phrasing, style and color

  • Self-confidence and esteem-building

Audition Preparation


Learn to select material, learn vocal and visual presentation skills, role character development, your effective and positive message to those in charge of casting.

Sherry has a vast library of vocal scores and CDs and orchestrations of Broadway shows, pop, jazz, R&B and country music

Recording Techniques


Learn to befriend and use the mic, select material, develop phrasing and interpretation and color.  Identify and eliminate vocal and phrasing flaws, reduce or increase volume at will...from the diaphragm