Sherry Kaye, Singer - Vocal Teacher - Coach

All Styles and Levels: Musical Theatre, Pop, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Country


Taught by a show business professional for professionals, students and budding performers.


Your voice needs a tune-up if...


  • You feel you need more vocal power, control and range

  • You run out of breath

  • Your throat hurts

  • Your voice cracks when reaching for a high note

  • You are often hoarse

You are cordially invited to click on to healthy and beautiful voice production taught by a teacher with both theatrical experience and technical knowledge.  Don't let temporary but painful conditions define you or your talent.  Train with one of the best vocal teachers and coaches in the business, and learn the easy way to sing from your heart, not on your throat.

Tip of the day:

Remember to breathe from the diaphragm to support your tones.


For information and to schedule an appointment for your first lesson, call (248) 417-5404 or e-mail:

Sherry Kaye Singing Lessons of East Lansing and servicing neighboring towns and communities.